5 Ways to Keep in Touch With a Friend During Their Illness


Maintaining good friendships is important through all of life’s stages. The quality of your life can be greatly impacted by who you choose to include in it. Just like any other relationship, the bond between you and your bestie may be challenged from time to time by difficult circumstances. One of the most common obstacles to friendship maintenance is physical illness.

Many people don’t know how to be there for an unwell friend. If the illness is contagious, you may be understandably wary about visiting them in person. But the answer is never to simply ignore them and hope they get through things on their own. If you abandon your buddy during difficult times, they may decide your relationship isn’t worth maintaining. Here are five ways to keep in touch with a loved one during their illness without exposing yourself to their germs.

1. Mail Packages

Everyone loves to receive a package full of goodies and comfort items, especially when they’re under the weather. You can brighten your friend’s day without compromising your health by mailing get well soon gifts when they’re sick. Be thoughtful about what you choose to include in the package. Most people love comfort foods like soup and bread when they’re ill. Such foods comfort the mind and body while also providing nutrients that can help with recovery.

Other thoughtful gift package ideas include self-care items like soap, lip balm, warm socks, and cozy blankets. You might also wish to send items that will keep your loved one entertained if they’re on bed rest. Books, brain puzzles, movies, and card games make great gifts for someone who’s stuck at home or in the hospital.

2. Send Texts

It’s easy to see why billions of text messages are sent every year. Texting is one of the most convenient ways to get in touch with someone. It’s fast, simple, and allows you to send cute emojis or funny memes in an instant. It also makes it easy for the other person to view your message and answer at a time that’s convenient for them.

When texting a sick friend, always be considerate about how they’re feeling. Never send multiple messages in a row unless you know for certain that they’re awake. People often have erratic sleep schedules when they’re ill. The last thing you want to do is wake them when they’re trying to get some healing shuteye. Instead, send one message at a time and wait for them to respond before sending any more.

3. Call Regularly

Research suggests the human voice can have mood-boosting power. In one study, students preparing for stressful examinations experienced higher oxytocin levels and lower stress hormone levels after talking to their moms on the phone. Students who texted their moms, but didn’t hear their voices, didn’t experience any blood chemistry changes.

This type of research gives a glimpse into the healing power of the human voice. While it’s great to text your friend and ask how they’re doing, it’s even better to call them. Most people love hearing a familiar voice when they’re feeling tired and lonely. If your bestie is unable to answer when you call, take the time to leave a simple, heartfelt voice message. That small extra effort will go a long way toward helping your friend feel loved and appreciated.

4. Write Letters

It’s a shame that the classic handwritten letter is becoming a thing of the past. Hardly anyone takes the time to write and send letters by mail anymore. It’s much faster and easier to type up a text or email. There’s nothing wrong with these alternate forms of communication. However, there’s something intensely personal about receiving a handwritten note from someone. Even business owners know this, which is why some choose to communicate with customers using a font that mimics real handwriting.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile to help a buddy feel loved, write them letters when they’re ill. To make things even more special, tuck a printed photo of you and the recipient in the letter. They’ll love being reminded of the good times you’ve shared and will undoubtedly be touched by your thoughtfulness.

5. Schedule Video Calls

If you can’t see a sick loved one in person, the next best thing is a video call. Most smartphones come with built-in video call capabilities. If yours doesn’t have this feature, consider downloading an app. Once you do, you and your friend will be able to see and hear each other in real time. It’s almost like having them in the same room with you.

Keep in mind that your loved one may not feel comfortable answering unexpected video calls. If they’re feeling unwell, they may not feel presentable at times. To avoid embarrassing them, it’s polite to schedule video calls in advance. That way they can prepare for the occasion instead of getting caught by surprise.

Staying in touch with your sick bestie is an important way to show them you care and that you’re thinking about them. Use these methods to reach out and support your ill loved one without exposing yourself to unwanted germs.

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