guided dental implants

What are guided dental implants and what are their advantages?


Surgical innovations are a boon to the world, they offer precision, guidance, and facilitate proper operations. Guided surgery in the dental field is extremely useful and helps the medical practitioner to operate successfully due to its primary merit of enabling precise motion in limited space. Dentistry has evolved in these years giving the patient a smooth pain-free visit for dental issues. With the help of computer-guided or robotic surgeries, the patient experiences high-quality treatment with lasting results. Dental implants pave the way for a beautiful life with ease of use and striking appearance.

What are guided dental implants and what are their advantages?

Guided implants are carefully constructed artificial teeth that support the bone of the natural teeth, or replace lost teeth. There are many reasons why people lose teeth. It may be poor oral hygiene, trauma, poor nutrition, or even accidents that break the jaw bone, crack teeth, etc. The assistance of computer-based dental surgery ensures accurate results. The surgery is done with precision-based devices that make the process extremely smooth without any malfunctions.

Advantageous to the doctors

Innovation and technology have made lives easy and eliminated the burden of muscle fatigue. Since the doctors treat multiple patients daily they experience problems in repetitive hand motions and increased stress. The computer-guided implants help doctors to provide maximum benefit to the patients without compromising their health. The virtual planning tools improve the surgical environment. It helps in promoting adaptability in modified surgical plans in dental implantation. The dental cone beam computed tomography, and CT images create 3-D images of the teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and facial bones that showcase the intricacies of the patient and highlight the requirements. By using implant planning software, a guided implant surgery drill kit, and a custom surgical template the dental implants are curated to bring happy smiles to millions of patients. Not only for the present scenarios, the guided dental implants can help the dentist to decipher the oral health of the patient and create perfect dental implants and build a proper oral health regime to prevent problems in future as well.

Magnified vision gives better implantation

Dental implants are critical as the scope of vision is limited. Also depending on the severity of the surgery the dentist requires a maximized view. The guided dental implants provide a magnified vision for visual acuity also it improves posture while practising. The magnification improves understanding of depth, view, and clarity of concern. The process improves accessibility to the dentist and also gives a window to the patient to have a glance at the process. Most patients are curious to know what is going on and this process glides them into the fascinating visual treatment. It educates the patient and helps them to be more aware of their oral health. With the restorative-driven approach dentistry offers virtual planning with a predictable outcome encompassing all surgical parameters.

Advantageous to the patient

Technological advancements have outperformed traditional dental treatments. The patients especially used to experience extreme pain during and post any dental surgery. This made the patients anxious and fret about the surgery. Today with guided dental implants the patients can get their smile back in a painfree process. The surgery is quick and hassle-free. The dental implants are made from titanium posts to replace the decayed teeth. The process is wholesome as it allows the patient to preserve the facial structure intact with the help of crown-and-root. It is a convenient and affordable option in dentistry. Guided implants use high end imaging technology and devices that ensure the replacement of teeth is accurate, precisely placed, and effective. The CT images of the patients help the doctors to plan the surgery strategically. The innovation bridges the gap between the surgeon and the restorative dentist. This collaboration helps to build a customized output for the patient’s needs. Every patient has a unique teeth and jaw bone structure accompanied by gum concerns therefore this tailored dental implant offers precision-oriented result.

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