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Everything You Need to Know About DOT Clinics


Getting a DOT physical doesn’t have to be a complicated process. All you need to do is bring a few documents to the clinic, which will help the doctor get a comprehensive picture of your health. These documents include a copy of your medical history and a list of prescription medications.

DOT Physicals Require a Urinalysis

A DOT physical is required for anyone applying to become a commercial driver. These physicals include several screenings, including a urinalysis. A urinalysis can reveal any irregularities in your urine, which can be indicative of certain medical conditions. DOT clinics nearby Palm Beach County also includes blood pressure and pulse test to determine your overall health. The results of these tests will determine if you’re fit for commercial driving. These exams last three to two years and a negative DOT physical can impact your eligibility.

A DOT physical includes thoroughly evaluating your heart, lungs, blood pressure, and pulse. If any of these are abnormal, your examiner will note it on your report. Your employer may also require you to take a five-panel DOT drug screen. This will look for substances such as marijuana, cocaine, phencyclidine, opiates, amphetamines, and more. These tests can save your life.

They Include Blood Pressure And Pulse Tests

Blood pressure and pulse tests are part of the DOT physical. Usually, your blood pressure should be in the range of 120/80. If your readings are higher than that, you will need to take some action. For example, you may be prescribed blood pressure medication. However, you can still pass the physical if your readings are within the normal range.

Blood pressure is significant to the safety of any driver. Even a few points can cause serious problems. High blood pressure can result in an accident or severe injury. Blood pressure monitoring devices, which can be purchased for a few dollars, can monitor your blood pressure at home and alert your doctor if there’s a change. Medication will be prescribed to control your blood pressure if your readings are dangerously high. You should never take your heart health for granted, especially not when hypertension can be a killer. The DOT physical is an excellent place to start awareness of potential health problems.

They Do Not Include a Drug Test

DOT clinics do not include a standard drug test, but they do include a physical exam. During a physical, the examiner will review any medications the driver takes. If the medications affect their driving, the examiner may disqualify the driver. If a physician prescribes the drugs, the driver must provide the examiner with a medical opinion letter or a valid prescription.

A DOT physical examination will also check your heart rate, lungs, and pulse. If you have irregular blood pressure, you may be required to undergo additional testing. A DOT doctor can prescribe medication and lifestyle changes to reduce your risk if you have high blood pressure. DOT clinics also check for vaccinations.

They Are Valid For 24 Months

DOT clinics provide medical exams that meet the state’s strict requirements. These physicals are valid for 24 months. However, a medical provider can certify you for less time if your pre-existing conditions require regular medical care. Examples of such conditions are diabetes, heart disease, and sleep apnea. These are all considered medical problems that can hinder driving. Therefore, DOT physicals are designed to detect such problems.

Disqualifying Conditions

Some disqualifying medical conditions may prevent a driver from undergoing a DOT physical exam. These conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory illnesses, and vision problems. A driver with vision issues of less than 20/40 vision may be disqualified from participating in a DOT physical. Symptoms of Meniere’s disease, which causes dizziness, may also disqualify a driver. However, if this condition is diagnosed and treated, the driver can qualify for re-certification if the symptoms go away for a certain period.

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