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Signs That Your Child Should Visit a Dentist


Life with children is busy. They are constantly moving and involved in different activities. However, their busy schedules can impact their regular medical and dental treatment. Although young children don’t often need a lot of dental care, there are signs that they should visit their provider.

You Haven’t Taken Them To the Dentist

Some parents don’t take their children to the dentist until they see or hear about a definite problem. For example, they may notice that their child’s teeth are coming in crooked and want to consult the dentist about Invisalign South Weymouth MA.

Your child should see a dentist after he or she turns one year old, according to the American Dental Association, and a pediatric orthodontist starting at age seven.

They Have Sensitive Teeth or Pain

Toothache is a health problem that can be experienced by anyone, including children. If the symptoms improve within a few days, the child’s toothache may not be dangerous .However, if the tooth is getting worse and is accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever, festering gums, and swelling of the cheek, it is best if you immediately consult a dentist. And Pay attention to your children’s complaints about tooth pain or sensitivity. Watch for discomfort when they eat or drink hot or cold foods and drinks. If your child is only experiencing discomfort or sensitivity, you may try changing their toothpaste, but if these feelings persist, a trip to their dentist may be in order.

They Have Bleeding Gums

Children also experience gingivitis. This disease can cause their gums to swell and bleed. However, this is not the only disease that can cause irritation and bleeding. In fact, if your child has an infection in their gums or teeth, it can look like gingivitis. Therefore, these are signs that a trip to the dentist is necessary.

Their Teeth Are Discolored or Loose

Your child has “milk teeth.” These are their baby teeth, and they should stay white until they are replaced by adult teeth. However, if you notice that your children’s teeth are changing colors, especially if they are brown, gray or black, they need a dentist. They may have cavities or other dental problems.

In addition, if your child’s teeth are loose or wiggly after they receive their adult teeth, they may have an underlying condition that needs immediate attention.

Your children’s teeth are just as important as the rest of their bodies. Watch for signs that your child needs to see a dentist.

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