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Top 6 Myths Behind Low Testosterone Every Man Should Know


What do you think about when you hear about testosterone? This hormone is predominant in males and responsible for developing male sexual characteristics. However, testosterone is more than a sexual hormone. It also plays other bodily roles, like increasing energy levels, fat distribution, boosting mood, etc. Low testosterone can disrupt the process of these aspects, leading to various health issues. Despite being a vital hormone in men, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding it. This article will explore and debunk several myths surrounding low testosterone and the truth behind them.

1. Low Testosterone Due to Old Age is Acceptable

Testosterone levels indeed lower with age. However, remember that it is not a natural stage to accept. Low T levels affect health, including loss of muscle mass, low libido, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, irritability, etc. You don’t have to live with these symptoms since they can have serious health effects. So, seek TRT Boise and other ways of improving T levels. Your specialist will help reverse the signs within a short time.

2. Testosterone Therapy Gives Man Boobs

There is also a prevalent belief that testosterone therapy gives men boobs. However, gynecomastia happens if the treatment is administered without the doctor’s supervision. Furthermore, the condition occurs in people with prolonged use of steroids. It is crucial for people getting TRT to allow the doctor to monitor their hormone levels first to avoid the development of male breasts.

3. Low Testosterone Symptoms are Irreversible

Some people choose to stick with low testosterone symptoms because they think the effect is irreversible. In reality, most signs are entirely irreversible. Most people show improvement within a few weeks or months after undergoing treatment. TRT therapy helps to regain libido and ED, improve mood, and build muscle.

4. Low Testosterone Levels Dip Sharply with Age

This is the most prevalent myth about low testosterone. Most people believe that only older men have testosterone deficiency. Even though the male sex hormone decreases with age, it does not mean younger men don’t experience low testosterone. Low T levels can happen due to chronic inflammation, oxidation stress, depression, increased body fat, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to talk to your doctor if you suspect your testosterone level is dipping, regardless of your age.

5. Low Testosterone Affects Libido Only 

While it is true that low testosterone impacts a man’s sex drive, it is not the only effect. There are other symptoms a man can experience due to low T levels, some not sexual. Such issues include mood swings, increased body fat, decreased bone density, decreased muscle mass and strength, erectile dysfunction, low energy levels, etc.

6. TRT Causes Prostate Cancer

In the past, doctors issued warnings about a relationship between prostate cancer and low T treatments. Their caution was based on findings that men who received TRT had higher numbers of prostate cancer cells. Later, this idea was clarified, and specialists have proved that there is no link between TRT and prostate cancer. Therefore, TRT does not cause or increase prostate cancer.

Fix Low Testosterone with Safe TRT

We hope reading the six myths has clarified everything and removed doubts. Once you know what low testosterone is all about and how TRT helps, you can decide to go for the treatment. It will help increase the levels to allow you to enjoy your life.

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