Cost of an Eye Exam

What Is the Cost of an Eye Exam? The Costs Explained


It is critical to ask, “When was the last time I had my eyes checked?”

Eye exams are critical for keeping your eyes healthy, diagnosing vision difficulties, and offering useful remedies. Seeing an eye doctor is especially vital if you’ve recently noticed a change in your vision. Vision changes can include blurriness, discomfort, dryness, redness, and increased sensitivity.

The question is how much an eye test will cost. This article will go through the various types of eye exams and the typical fees to expect.

What Is the Cost of an Eye Exam?

A standard eye exam in Canada might cost anywhere from $75 to $300, depending on several factors. The following are the primary factors that influence the final cost:

  • Your age is
  • Your current location
  • If you have an initial patient examination
  • If you have a routine patient exam,
  • The frequency of your eye exams
  • Whether you have vision insurance or not
  • The gravity of your vision problem
  • The treatment strategy

Next, look more closely at the various types of eye tests and their accompanying prices.

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

A comprehensive eye exam employs a variety of tests to analyse your eye health fully. Examining your eyesight and total eye function and diagnosing potential medical problems are part of this process. Your eye doctor will determine the specific tests.

A full eye check up without insurance might cost between $170 and $200. Some patients who use a vision insurance plan may have their costs covered. Others will have to pay a co-pay for as little as $50.

Regular Eye Exams

A routine examination will assess a patient’s vision. A refraction test, often known as a vision test, will be ordered by an eye doctor.

You will read letters or figures while wearing cumbersome glasses during the exam. At the same time, your doctor will change your lenses to evaluate your eyesight.

Without insurance, a typical eye exam can cost between $70-$90. This price may be higher depending on your optometrist and region. Patients with vision insurance should expect to spend $10-$50 less.

Contact Lens Examinations

A contact lens exam is a little more involved and includes the following steps:

  • A thorough eye examination
  • A prescription for glasses
  • A contact lens examination

This allows your eye doctor to assess your overall eye health, vision, and the best lens type for you. Your appointment will also involve a lens fitting to verify that your contacts fit correctly.

An eye checkup without insurance typically costs between $120-$185, depending on where you reside. With insurance, an eye exam will most likely cost less than $90.

Consult Your Local Optometrist

Eye exams are critical for keeping healthy vision and recognising potential medical issues. The cost of your eye test will vary depending on your services, the treatment plan, and whether or not you have vision insurance.

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