Wearing a Laboratory Coat

Why Wearing a Laboratory Coat Is Always a Good Idea?


Irrespective of the field you work in, there are always certain hazards and dangers that exist in every work area. This is the reason why certain work areas require employees to wear a safety uniform. Working in a laboratory or in any medical field is no different in this regard. The white lab coat that medical professionals wear enhances their safety and security in many ways.

If you think the idea of wearing lab coats is overrated, well you must go through the 7 reasons for doing so mentioned here. 

7 reasons for wearing a lab coat?

1. It is made from protective materials

You will be surprised to know that most laboratory coats are made from protective materials. Usually, the coats made for men are made from Polyester-cotton and that for women is made using 100% cotton. Polyester cotton is easy to maintain as well as chemical resistant. On the other hand, 100% cotton has fire-retardant properties.

2. It ensures safety

Laboratory coats reduce potential dangers from hazardous chemical splashes, residues, burns, and stains. They keep everyone in control and continuously conscious of their work environment.

3. It acts as barrier protection

When you are working in a laboratory, you come in contact with various chemicals. By wearing a laboratory coat, you can protect your chest and arms from coming into direct contact with these chemicals.

4. It can be removed quickly

Yes, laboratory coats do offer resistance against chemicals and fire, but in case you get some chemical on you or are on fire somehow, the coat can be removed in no time. This means you are separated from the danger in no time.

5. It protects your clothes

A good quality laboratory coat will protect your regular clothing from any sort of chemical contamination. As a result, your clothes will not get discolored or experience any type of damage because of dust, dirt, and the usual chemical contamination in the lab.

6. It will prevent cross-contamination

When you take off your laboratory coat and leave it in the lab itself, you will be able to prevent cross-contamination in other areas. This is especially very helpful if you are dealing with hazardous chemicals and viruses in your workplace.

7. It gives you a more professional look

Specially designed men’s and women’s lab coats help them stand apart from the crowd. It proves that you are either working in the medical field or are a specialist in some laboratory. No matter where you go, a white laboratory coat will always be identified as a symbol of the medical facility. It makes you look more professional and organized.

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