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Your ultimate guide to healthier vaping


Exploring the realm of vaping brings up several health-related queries, such as: Is vaping safe? What vaping method is the healthiest? The term “healthy” may not entirely apply given the inherent hazards of breathing anything other than clean air.But in this guide, we will focus on harm reduction from smoking and identifying the least damaging ways to help you give up cigarettes permanently. Continue reading to learn more.

Which vaping method is the healthiest?

As many experts have suggested, the ideal way to vape is to use E-Liquids from a reputable Vape Store Calgary and high-quality, dependable devices. Current vaping devices have inbuilt chipsets and precise temperature settings that ensure your e-liquid vaporizes smoothly, reducing the possibility of harmful particles entering your lungs.

Additionally, choosing better E-liquids might lessen the possibility of throat and lung irritation. Preferably, these liquids have a higher vegetable glycerin (VG) content and a lower propylene glycol (PG) content.Here are some guidelines for maintaining your health when vaping.

Reduce your nicotine consumption.

It is recommended to use a vape with a lower nicotine content because they vary in strength. Additionally, zero-mg vapes are available for people who wish to quickly puff without consuming any nicotine.

Drink plenty of water.

“Water is life.” Vapers must drink extra water as the glycerin in vape juices can dehydrate the body.

Schedule your vaping time.

Create a wholesome vaping routine. You’ll feel happier, have more energy, and be physically stronger.

Use vape pens moderately

“Everything in excess is bad.” Thus, use moderation in all areas of your life, particularly when it comes to vaping, to maintain your health.

Maintain your vaping tools.

Maintenance is ultimately what matters most when it comes to vaping safely. Performing routine cleaning and coil or pod changes on your vape can make the difference between enjoying a smooth vaping experience and inhaling charred, chemical-infused vapor. Always clean your pod, tank, and gadget once weekly, and never vape on a burned coil or pod.

Which nicotine form is the safest?

Despite being addictive, nicotine does not always have adverse effects on users and is safe in its purest form. The safest form varies according to a person’s needs, health, and past smoking behaviors. For instance, nicotine salts offer a more gradual nicotine dose similar to that of regular cigarettes for those quitting smoking.

How much nicotine is in my vape? Is it too much?

A person’s tolerance level and smoking history will determine the response to this question. E-liquids typically range in nicotine strength from 0 mg (non-nicotine) to 20 mg (high strength).

Starting at a nicotine level of 20 mg is quite fair for individuals who smoke heavily. However, those who smoke light to moderately may prefer to begin with nicotine strengths of 10 mg or 5 mg. In general, people who have successfully weaned themselves off of nicotine should use nicotine-free vapes; non-smokers should not use them because they still pose a health risk.

Final thoughts

While there is no completely “healthy” way to vape, there are ways to lower the dangers, including buying high-quality devices and E-Liquids and adopting safer behaviors. Another essential component of a safer vaping experience is being aware of and careful of your nicotine intake.

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