Benefits of Comb Honey

All About the Benefits of Comb Honey and Its Uses


Comb Honey is said to be one of the rawest forms of honey that is available on the market. Earlier in the 1990s people used to buy the whole honeycomb and then eat the honey directly from it. This is because eating raw honey has a lot of health benefits. 

Honey Comb is made from beeswax that worker bee makes, in which they store the pollen and nectar and also make a house for honey. Normally honey is extracted by the beekeeper either by crushing or squeezing the comb or by using the centrifuge method. So, what you get as a result is filtered honey, which is placed in the jars.

However, in comb honey, this doesn’t happen. Here the beeswax that is made by these bees is left intact by the beekeeper and they are cut into squares and placed in the box for sale. It is not filtered and is cut right out of this hive. This means it doesn’t come in contact with any human or artificial matter. It has all the anti-microbial and healthy properties of pollen, propolis, and enzymes when consumed.

It is said that comb honey has a very different taste, texture, and color as compared to any other honey. Even the consistency differs depending on the different flowers, which the bees must have collected the nectar from.

Benefits of comb honey

Comb honey is highly beneficial than any other honey because it has a natural antibiotic, bee pollen, and a good amount of propolis. Thus, it has the potential to treat cold sores, post-surgery mouth pain, and even genital herpes. It can also relieve your cough and throat pain.

The taste of this comb honey is anytime better because it depends on the different waxes that the bees leave during the production process. In addition, the aroma is also much better than the jarred honey. They do have that richness, texture, and mouthfeel that any regular honey doesn’t have.

Usage of comb honey

Comb Honey can be eaten right out of the container or the box. It is very much safe to eat. When you eat this comb honey you will also feel some wax left in your mouth. This can be chewed if you wish to or spit out. So, the best way to eat this comb honey is by spreading it out on toast or a biscuit. The comb will just melt about on the toast and you can relish it without the wax-like feel in your mouth.

Your grandparents must likely have eaten honeycomb just like that from the small piece and then chewed it until all the honey is swallowed by and only the wax is left behind. This is one eatable that has been enjoyed by generations and today it is used as a gourmet treat.

Nowadays, the beekeeper that makes this comb honey is either hobbyist or small-scale beekeepers. This is because this making takes a lot of patience and nuance. You can buy comb honey from the Mohawk Valley Trading Companywhich makes 100% raw varietal honey. They do not heat, filter, or process this honey. It is just as natural as it should be.

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