Why Investing in A Buckwheat Pillow Make Sense?


A buckwheat pillow, also known as Sobakawa, is traditionally a Japanese pillow. It is filled with hulls that once encased buckwheat seeds. They feel springy when compressed, but are firm enough to provide sufficient support to the head and neck while sleeping. Nowadays, they are very popular because they tend to provide a good night’s sleep to countless users.

The benefits of buckwheat pillows are simple yet great for anyone struggling with sleep and posture issues. If you are considering buying them, here are the benefits you should know about…

Benefits of using a buckwheat pillow

1.  It reduces back pain and corrects posture

A South Korean study conducted in 2019 confirmed that a buckwheat pillow works wonders in reducing neck and shoulder pain. It is great for people who sleep on their back and side. You can easily adjust the hulls in the pillow and make it suitable for the support you desire.

2.  It helps in maintaining weight

Well, to clear, buckwheat pillows cannot help in reducing weight, after all the hulls are not edible. Several studies link obesity with lack of sleep, and this is where a buckwheat pillow can help. After all, to control your weight, you need to follow a proper routine. You must consume a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and well get enough sleep.

3.  It is breathable

You might appreciate a warm pillow during winters, but not during summers. this is the reason why pillow manufacturers today give due importance to breathability. Pillows made using buckwheat are super breathable and comfortable for everyday use during hot summers.

4.  It provides very good back support

All of us have heard about the importance of sitting straight. Also, some studies provethat placing a pillow under your lower back gives better support. Now, your buckwheat pillow can do exactly that as it is sturdy enough to handle the pressure of long hours of sitting. Furthermore, since they are breathable, you won’t feel hot on your back.  

5.  Its loft is easy to adjust

The term ‘loft’ is used to describe how low or high a pillow is. If the loft is not correct, it can strain your neck and back. With a buckwheat pillow, it is very easy to adjust the loft. All you have to do is add or remove buckwheat hulls from the pillow.

6.  It is cost-effective in the long run

With proper care, you can expect a buckwheat pillow to last for years. Also, imagine the amount of medical bills that you will be saving if you are sleeping peacefully every night.

7.  It is good for the environment

A buckwheat pillow is a product of upcycling. Now, the one thing that we know about upcycling is – it is great for mother nature.

Lastly, remember that buckwheat hulls are also used in Zafus – Meditation Cushions, and therefore you can upgrade your meditation pillow as well. Get in touch with Crooked Brook to get your hands on buckwheat pillows made in different sizes and fabrics. Along with the standard size pillows, they even customize pillows as per the size, fabric, and style specifications of customers. So, contact them right away.

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