Types of Therapy

Different Types of Therapy


Therapy is a kind of medicine. Therapy not only treats physical ailments but also treats mental illnesses. The therapy itself is divided into many types. There are therapies that are done to prevent the emergence of a medical condition or to stop a medical condition from developing further. There is a therapy that uses psychological tools for problems stemming from emotional life, in which a therapist deliberately creates a professional relationship with the patient with the aim of eliminating, changing or reducing existing symptoms, and promoting growth and development towards a positive personality.Be sure to understand the different types of therapy available when deciding what type is best for you.

Family Therapy   

To resolve conflicts and improve communication among family members, you may consider family therapy Lafayette. Family therapy is a type of psychological counseling provided by a licensed therapist or clinical social worker. While in a session together, you may discuss strengths and weaknesses while exploring your family’s ability to communicate and solve problems. Everyone can learn healthier coping skills for processing stress, anger, or grief. It can also help family members deal with the effects of addiction or serious mental illness. Through guided conversation and therapeutic exercises with your therapist, you can bring your family closer together.

Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback therapy teaches you to control bodily processes that are normally automatic like your heart rate or muscle tension. It’s often used to manage things like anxiety, depression, and other conditions that affect the brain. A biofeedback machine with electrodes will be attached to your skin during a session while a therapist reads the information sent to a monitor. Through various relaxation exercises, your therapist can teach you how to control different processes without needing any monitoring.

Art Therapy

Art therapy incorporates arts and crafts into your therapy session to take a more creative approach to understand one’s mind. Art therapy is a common tool used to manage stress and anxiety, enhance social skills, strengthen one’s ability to regulate stress, and better navigate challenges. During a session, you may partake in different exercises like painting, drawing, working with clay, or making collages. To understand the meaning behind your art, you and your therapist can discuss the artwork itself. Sometimes thoughts or feelings may come out in the artwork that you didn’t realize you had. This can make it easier to discuss difficult topics and help guide you to understand yourself better.

It’s important to find the right kind of therapy and work with a mental health professional that fits your needs and preferences.
ketamine therapy

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