Replacement Therapy for Men and

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women


Did you know that your body produces over 50 hormones that perform daily activities? For instance, reproductive hormones help to maintain and develop female and male sex characteristics. They also play a vital role in sexual functional and reproduction. Examples of these hormones are testosterone in men, and progesterone and estrogen in women. However, the levels of these hormones can diminish as people age, leading to debilitating and unpleasant symptoms, like low energy, decreased libido, sleeping difficulties, and mood swings. When that happens, you will need hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

HRT is simply a medical treatment that a healthcare provider conducts on patientsto help them address shortage of their hormones. As a personalized health treatment, it can also help patients balance their hormones.

How It Works

People respond well especially when managing vasomotor symptoms, such as night sweats, memory concerns, hot flashes, and trouble sleeping that happens early in menopause. Later, symptoms associated with genital urinary can arise, including frequent UTIs, urinary urgency, urinary frequency, and vaginal dryness. About 50% of women get these symptoms.

Is it Safe?

Generally, HRT is safe when a qualified medical care expert administers it. A doctor will also need to regularly monitor you to ensure the therapy is safe and effective. If you notice signs of hormone deficiency, consult a healthcare service provider and discuss your HRT options. The service provider will give you insights into potential risks and benefits of the therapy.

Forms of Hormone Replacement Treatment

Hormone replacement treatment comes in various forms. You might need to try out several forms of therapy before you get one that works for you. Perfect examples include skin gel, vaginal ring, nasal spray, skin patches, and vaginal creams.

Benefits of HRT

HRT is a life-changing treatment. Unlike before, men now believe that they can benefit from the therapy like women do. For women, HRT helps to relieve their menopausal symptoms. By replenishing progesterone and estrogen, the therapy alleviatesmenopause symptoms to improve their quality of life throughout the transition process. For men, HRT helps to balance their hormones. For instance, men who are experiencing andropause can address hormonal deficiencies, like low testosterone level, through the therapy. Other benefits of hormone replacement therapy includes:

  • Good bone health – Decrease in estrogen levels can lead to reduction in bone density. By going through a therapy, you will avoid loss of this bone density, helping you minimize the risks of fractures and osteoporosis.
  • Mood stability – Menopause often causes mood swings especially in women. But hormonal imbalance may affect both genders and trigger their mood swings, which may manifest through anger or crying.
  • Healthy hair – Testosterone and estrogen both play an important role in the production of hair in men &women. Fortunately, HRT helps patients with hormone deficiency restore hair growth.

Scientifically, HRT is an effective and safe treatment, which helps to improve the lives of men and women. At medical centers, like Relive Health, experts will formulate a very specific dosage to ensure HRT meets all your needs.

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