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The Importance of Chiropractic Care – Preventing Future Health Issues


Chiropractic care is a safe and natural treatment option that provides many benefits. It reduces pain, improves flexibility, and boosts your immune system.

Additionally, it promotes healthy nerve activity, which is crucial for overall health and well-being. Those who want to stay healthy and perform at their best will find that regular visits to the chiropractor are essential.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Chiropractic doctors like Brad Kern are highly skilled medical experts who utilize spinal manipulation to restore the spine’s proper alignment, reduce irritation to the nervous system and allow the body to function optimally. This preventative care also helps reduce muscle aches, headaches, and other common ailments resulting from musculoskeletal issues.

When bones and joints in the spine become misaligned due to trauma or accumulated stress, a condition known as subluxation occurs. This causes local problems like pain or restricted movement but can also cause distant issues in organs and glands that a “pinched” nerve supplies with messages from the brain.

Specific chiropractic adjustments to these misaligned bones and joints turn the breaker switches in your brain back on and make your muscles, balance, and immune system work properly again. This can decrease the need for medications and help you avoid future health issues like arthritis, digestive problems, or respiratory disorders. People who suffer from inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis should pay particular attention to this.

Boosts Immune System

The immune system is your body’s natural defense against germs that can cause illness and disease. Many people visit a chiropractor to address pain and injury, but regular chiropractic treatment has been proven to boost the immune system in various ways. For example, spinal adjustments can reduce inflammation, decreasing harmful cytokines and increasing helpful ones, promoting an overall healthy balance in the immune system.

Spinal misalignments can also interfere with the nervous system’s communication path with other body systems, including the immune system. Chiropractic adjustments can remove this interference by improving the motion of the bones that encase and protect the spinal cord. According to studies, this improves nerve function and can boost the immune system. This makes a robust immune system the best medicine against germs that can cause illness and disease. Regular chiropractic care also supports the immune system by reducing stress hormones that can lower immunity.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

Many people who see a chiropractor for neck pain or other issues end up receiving regular care that allows them to avoid the need for surgery or other invasive medical procedures down the road. When you have regular chiropractic check-ups, you will also improve your muscle strength, balance, and coordination, which can help prevent injuries and illnesses.

Research has shown that spinal misalignments can cause the body to function poorly and even cause organs to fail. For example, it has been discovered that the lungs count on proper communication from the spinal cord, and when this is interrupted, they cannot perform properly. Chiropractors can correct these misalignments and boost immunity by ensuring all cells communicate as they should.

This can lead to a reduction in allergies, asthmatic reactions, and other respiratory issues. It also helps reduce blood pressure. Studies have found that a chiropractic adjustment of the Atlas vertebra in the neck can lower blood pressure to the same level as medication without the side effects associated with prescription drugs.

Prevents Degenerative Disc Disease

Just as people practice dental hygiene to prevent cavities, people should practice spine and nervous system maintenance to avoid degenerative disc disease. DDD is the deterioration of spinal discs, which sit between the vertebrae. This happens naturally as you age but can be accelerated by injuries and physical stressors.

When a spinal disc deteriorates, it can cause the spinal vertebrae to shift their positioning and create a misaligned spine. This leads to spinal nerve stress and pain, especially in the neck and lower back areas.

Chiropractors are trained to find these shifts, called spinal subluxations, and correct them. They use various hands-on techniques, including instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation of muscles, fascia, and ligaments, to reduce inflammation and increase mobility and flexibility. They also recommend stretching exercises and other lifestyle changes to bolster in-office treatments and to help you avoid future injuries. They also have an excellent safety record, a significant advantage over more invasive medical alternatives like injections and surgery.

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